1:1 mentorship

My PERSONALISED approach incorporates a playful mix of:

  • accessible spirituality
  • subtle embodiment
  • ceremony + ritual
  • reiki energy healing
  • art + creative therapy

THIS rich COMBINATION OF TOOLS, PRACTICES AND STRATEGIES WILL allow you to grow presence for the PATTERNS, BELIEFS AND HABITS KEEPING YOU FROM WHERE YOU WANT TO BE IN LIFE. THE ONES KEEPING YOU STUCK, DEPLETED AND UNFULFILLED. experience liberation, newfound energy and inspired aligned action as you breakthrough.

uncover, befriend and transmute the relationship to your emotions, especially those that feel uncomfortable. form deep somatic (body) connections by dropping anchor into their energy. activate the vibration of wonder and bliss by embodying acceptance and watching resistance dissolve and shift. allow yourself to step into the powerful role of alchemist.
embody peace, FULFILMENT and deep presence.

become aware
with my guidance we will begin to craft a clear picture of where you are now and where your soul is yearning to be. I will work with you to reveal deep understanding of your thought and emotional patterns. We will begin to look very closely and fully witness these parts of you to uncover truth. together we will CRaft A roadMAP of practices that will create secure and trustworthy shifts.

create balance
This is where we tap into the wisdom of the body to find balance along the journey. exploring guided visualisation practices, somatic embodiment work, or creative healing therapy, you’ll learn how to code on a body-mind-soul level the vibrations that you want to expand on and make more space for in your body and in your life. you’ll tap into subtleties of sensation and boldness of expression to assist you in harmonising your inner and outer reality.

emerge with clarity
become SKILFUL in embodying and offering subtle shifts to your experience. Watch as throughout our time together: your awareness, your ability to manage and move through limiting thoughts and difficult emotions begins to feel more easeful, and your clarity for how to show up with resonance rises to your awareness. you’ll be left with a set of practices and daily tools which will very naturally integrate into your life.


Are you ready to journey towards your liberation and fulfilment?
let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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