Heart, soul art

Crafting Your Dreams: The Best Way To Create a Vision Board

Imagine this: you step back and take in this collage vision of all your greatest dreams and aspirations. What does it feel like, breathing it all in? Seeing all that you want to create for your life, as though it were here, now. In my eyes, it feels like magic and infinite potential. There are countless ways to go about putting together a vision board that is able to encapsulate all you are longing for and working towards. In this blog post, I’ll run you through the best way to create a vision board (in my humble opinion) that truly embodies both the tangible milestones, and the feeling of having reached them.

Vision boards are not just fun to put together, they are powerful tools in illustrating the type of life you want to create. The best way to create a vision board, is one that will have you so clear on the values you’re calling in, one that will keep you focused, motivated and hopeful in the pursuit of your dreams, and most of all, so deeply connected to the emotions and vibrations of this vision that you can’t help but embody them.

when you’re ready to begin this heart-lead practice, make it a ritual. set the mood: light a candle or some incense, play some music of your choice. relax into it, take some deep breaths as you sit with your vision. with curiosity, see what comes up and let it come alive on the page.

1. Visualize Your Goals

Before you start cutting and pasting, take some time to visualize your goals. Close your eyes and imagine your ideal life in detail. What does it look, feel, and even smell like? This mental exercise will help you select images and words that truly resonate with your vision.
Think: what is this new chapter that I’m envisioning going to embody and represent? What is the energy that this new era will hold?

2. Prepare Your Art Station

Gather the materials you’ll need, including:

– A board: This can be card or poster board, cork board, or even a canvas on a digital platform, such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop.

– Magazines, images, and quotes: Collect magazines or print images and quotes that resonate with your goals.

– Scissors and glue: You’ll need these to cut out and attach your chosen images and words.

– Markers, stickers, and other fun art supplies: These can be used to add personal touches to your board.

3. Set Clear Intentions

The first step in creating a vision board is to set clear intentions. What do you want to achieve or manifest in your life? Whether it’s a big career move, financial targets, a new relationship, improved health, or personal growth, your intentions should be specific, positive, and achievable. Based on the visualisation you did in step one, what tangible goals and dreams can you narrow down to represent in your vision board?

4. Choose Images and Words

Flip through magazines or browse the internet to find images and words that align with your goals. Be selective and choose items that spark a strong emotional connection. These visuals should inspire and motivate you whenever you look at your vision board. Find symbols that stand for and express the energy of your visions. These may be very personal to you and won’t make sense to others — even better! The more personal and emotional the visuals you choose are, the more targeted the vision.

5. Arrange and Paste

Now it’s time to arrange your chosen images and words on your board. There’s no right or wrong way to do this—let your creativity flow. You can organise them thematically, by goal, or in any way that makes sense to you. Attach everything to your board and let the vision do the talking.

6. Add Personal Touches

Make your vision board uniquely yours by adding personal touches. Write affirmations, inspirational quotes, or your own thoughts and feelings directly onto the board. Decorate it with colors, stickers, or drawings that resonate with your vision.

7. Display Your Vision Board

Place your vision board in a location where you’ll see it every day. This constant visual reminder will keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. Some people choose to display their boards in their bedrooms, offices, or even digitally as their computer or phone wallpaper. Check out this free template I created for a new year’s vision board to get you started on a digital vision board.

8. Feel Gratitude

Allowing yourself to bask in the energy of your vision, while feeling the gratitude of having met these goals will amplify its potential for success. The vibration of gratitude is the highest frequency there is. Open yourself to this powerful energy. Feel your vibration rise as you bring in the sensations and emotions that you’d embody if you were living the life in your vision board. A gratitude practice is one of my favourite to incorporate daily, one you can tune into every day with your vision board in sight.

Crafting a vision board is a creative and empowering way to picture the life of your dreams and keep your goals in focus. The best way to create a vision board that has the potential for success will involve visualising your goals, gathering meaningful materials, setting clear intentions, adding personal touches, and feeling gratitude! Now you can craft a vision board that serves as a powerful tool for turning your dreams into reality. Remember, your vision board is a reflection of your aspirations, so let it inspire and motivate you on your journey to success.