custom healing sessions

heart and soul medicine play

for the sensitive and ambitious humans

who are ready to step into their era of peace

these sessions are designed to support you in:

reclaiming sovereignty of your energetic, emotional and physical state

forming a reliable and trustworthy relationship with your body

reconnecting to your intuitive wisdom in the form of imagination, physical queues, and emotion

safely and playfully relating to your “demons” to uncover the medicine waiting to be met

hearing and listening deeply to your body – connecting to what feels aligned in each moment

moving through life with more ease, more presence, more joy

does this type of support spark something in you?

During our talk, something truly remarkable happened: under your guidance, I revealed forgotten pictures and rediscovered symbols that reminded me that within me, even during challenging times, there exists an inner guiding light that illuminates the right path.

Tamara – Designer, Artist – past client


Each session can go up to 90 minutes taking place online via Google Meet.

I offer a clear, safe and resourced space for you to open up about your experience, to witness, process and metabolise all that is present. I provide intuitive guidance, somatic embodiment practices, energetic healing, and creative expression therapy.

I welcome you into a sacred playground to securely, in your own way, move through your challenges, your dark side, your pain points, your struggles, and emerge with clarity as your full self.

We’ll explore which modality might be best suited to working through your specific situation. Based on what resonates or feels most aligned and fitting, we can proceed to explore working in one specific practice, or engage in a combination of modalities that complement each other to meet you where you are.

The kind of support I offer ranges from transformative life coaching, mediative visualisation practices, somatic embodiment, art therapy, reiki energy healing, subconscious journeying. Feel free to book in a free discovery call to learn more about how each of these practices can best support you and feel into whether or not we would be a good fit to work together.

We approach your struggle, your challenge, your experience, through the lens of the whole body – sensation, emotion, feeling, thought. Seeing your system as one comprehensive core unit and meeting what comes to the surface with resource and presence.

This creates subtle shifts in your ecosystem, and as a result, a shift in your experience of this struggle. This practice offers you a new way of engaging with your experience that ripples out into your behaviours, your beliefs, your feelings.

Creative expression is one of the key pillars of my mentorship.

Art therapy is a playful and abstract tool that enables you to work with what is present in your inner world and in your life through the irrational lens of imagination and creative power.

Art therapy gives you an opportunity to give physical form and substantial meaning to something that is perhaps challenging to give words to. This practice keeps you in touch with your intuition and enables you to engage with your experience from a different perspective.

You will meet another level of you.

Your relationship to yourself and to the world around you will have shifted. Perhaps subtly, perhaps dramatically – though even the subtlest inner shifts may make big impact on how you show up in your life, and – in turn – how life shows up for you.

You will walk away feeling lighter, more free. Equipped with a deep reservoir of self-compassion and a powerful set of integrated tools for the ongoing practice of working with any resistance that presents itself on your path.

The price of each private session is €111, including tax.

1:1 sessions are highly custom and personal to you. Whether you choose to have a single session or to work together for a longer relationship, the journey I curate for you will be unique to your experience and to your system.

Your agency (being in control of your actions and their consequences) and your intention (your aim) are at the heart of this agreement.

You decide the most suitable way to engage in this work and for which duration. If you feel that a long-term container would feel more supportive for your system, we create a custom one together based on your needs.