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Anchor Into Gratitude, Every Day

Some days it feels impossible to anchor into gratitude. Sometimes what comes easier is playing the victim, noticing all that’s going wrong instead of what to be thankful for. If you’re having a difficult time arriving at the energy of gratitude at all, the practice I’m going to share here is for you.

Everyone knows that gratitude is important. That having an “attitude of gratitude” is the way to go. But what if you’re having one of those days (weeks, months…) where the gratitude just isn’t flowing? Where it just feels impossible to find it in you to be grateful for much. It happens to all of us at some points in life. Some people have an easier time than others looking at the brighter side of life and tapping into this vibration. Just like anything, it takes practice. The more you’re able to anchor in the sensation of gratitude, even when things aren’t going “well”, the easier it becomes to gravitate to gratitude.

When you’re ready to begin this heart-lead practice, make it a ritual. Set the mood, and a timer if you wish (give yourself a few minutes per question). Relax into it, take some deep breaths as you sit down with your journal. Read the questions out loud if that’s available to you. Put pen to paper and just start writing, with curiosity, see what comes up.

What are 5 tiny things I may be taking for granted right now?

While it may be easier to take note of those really big life events, just as notable are the everyday instances that most of the time pass you by without much notice. The peaceful moment just before you take a sip from your steaming cup of tea, your warm bed, a fully stocked refrigerator, birds singing every golden hour, the satisfaction of a good stretch, the surprising gift of frying garlic wafting through the streets on your walk home, the sunshine peeking through the clouds, the hug that came your way exactly when you needed it. All these tiny fleeting moments that make up your life, pay attention to those.

What are 5 things I could do for myself that I would be grateful for tomorrow?

Think of it as setting yourself up for success. What are the things you’d like to be able to grateful for right now? Maybe you can transform this moment into a self-fulfilling prophecy by gifting yourself the gift of gratitude through meeting a need or desire of your own. By completing an act of self-care, checking off something from your to-do list, maybe even reducing your load by removing some items from your to-do list (what is not priority, what can be delegated, where can I seek out support, what is actually unnecessary, what can be redistributed?).
Think: “What would future me be so so grateful for?” And make sure to go do that thing after this.

What are 5 instances from my past that weren’t great at the time, which looking back on now I really am grateful for?

Sometimes perspectives allows us to see things under a different light. Just enough time and space from a difficult, mediocre, stressful or boring time, can be exactly what takes that event from bad to good. From: “nothing special”, to “wow, so glad that’s what happened in the end”. From: “wish I could erase this moment forever”, to “Ok, now I see why things had to go that way.” From: “this is such a waste of time” to “if I hadn’t been there, then I would never have discovered this other amazing person/ place/ thing!”
What did these infamous moments of your life allow you to learn, stumble upon, or resolve as a result? Are you able to acknowledge your gratitude for them now? Being grateful only when good things happen reinforces our ego’s demand for only good things to happen. And this sets us up for greater disappointment when things don’t turn out as we desire. So anchor in gratitude (or at least neutrality) even for the events that don’t normally get flooded with thanks.

what are 5 key episodes of my life that I am truly grateful for?

Maybe today really isn’t “giving” – as my gen Z sister would say. But I’m sure there are so many times in your life that you were full to the brim with gratitude. Can you tap into those memories right now? Ultimately, whether you’re grateful for your life in this moment or not, when you anchor into gratitude in general, regardless of when, what or who you’re grateful for, is going to connect you to that abundance energy and help you see more light, more brightness in life in general.

what does it feel like in my body when I feel gratitude?

Finally. The body. It carries so much information. So much wisdom. Can you feel into those wonderful memories from the previous question? Notice how your body feels when you play out those scenarios. You might feel light tingling across your body. Or maybe a grounded density. Maybe a smile comes to your face. Perhaps your heart feels open and expansive. Even emotion may come to the surface. Be with the sensations of gratitude that arise in your body. The more you do this, the easier it will be to shift back into them with intention. So take precious note of these feelings of bliss, love and gratitude that exist within you.

Fun fact: Believe it or not, the human brain may not always be able to distinguish between real and imagined scenarios. When visualising and imagining something deeply, playing out something in your mind, the brain – and consequently, the body – will respond as though the imagined thought were real. This notion alone is incredibly powerful when desiring to feel any given way. Do not underestimate the power of your thoughts. Same goes for the body. When you get really familiar, really present, with the sensations in your body, you’ll be able to call those in to connect to a desired feeling.

I hope this practice today helped you shift energy and anchor into gratitude. The more you come back to these prompts, the more you will naturally gravitate to this state. May your heart and body always lead you back to gratitude.