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Affirmations for Self-Love & Empowerment

How you start your morning, sets the tone for new day ahead. Want to set up your day feeling empowered, loved and simply, awesome? Let me walk you through how I like to achieve this…

It’s a new day. You open your eyes, still drowsy from your night of rest. As you rise, before curiosity and anticipation for today’s events begin to enter your mind, before you step out of bed and get on with your day, you’re in this neutral state. Your brain is currently in a theta state. The same state your brain was in in the first 7 years of life. This state is a powerful place of creation. The perfect state to program the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the one running the show most of the time. As adult humans, we are mainly running on recorded programming from the early years of life. Even though you think thoughts and perform actions consciously, the part of your brain that is dictating the thoughts and actions is your subconscious brain.

Upon rising, proactively affirm and repeat behaviours and thoughts you want to see in your life. Affirm to yourself and your subconscious mind the patterns and programs you desire to start running your life from an empowered place of self-love.

When you’re ready to begin this heart-lead practice, make it a ritual. Relax into it, give yourself a few minutes to take some slow deep breaths first, sink into that neutral area. Read the prompts out loud if that’s available to you. Or simply take them in mentally and with your heart. You can do this directly in bed, or moving into a quiet, sacred space nearby.

Daily Affirmations

Today is a beautiful day. I welcome the gift of this new day.

I honour my uniqueness. I share my gifts with the world.

I am at peace with myself. I am filled with love.

I speak kindly to myself. I am proud of my achievements.

My body is strong, useful and vibrant. I listen and give it what it needs.

I am on my way to being my best self.

I am in control of my mind. I am in control of my attitude.

I alone can control my thoughts and reactions. I replace beliefs that do not serve me with words of love and positivity.

I am worthy of wonderful experiences.

I let go of yesterday. I focus on this new day.

I am excited for the projects that await me today.

Those I come across today, wish only the best for me. I wish only the best for those around me.

My greatness knows no limits. I embrace my limitlessness.

Today, I am growing. I am learning. I welcome the lessons the day has in store for me.

Make It Your Own

Get specific with what YOU need. What kind of life do you envision and want to create for yourself?

Ask yourself: What do I really need to hear right now?

Write out affirmations beginning with I Am… Or speaking as if what you’re stating is already true now.

Ideally, upon rising or just before going to sleep. Keep a bedside journal for these pre-sleep, post-rise moments.

Go even further, record yourself speaking these words to you. Then listen to your own voice speaking your truths out loud. Soak in your own soul’s wisdom.

I am certainly going to be doing this — don’t be afraid to leave a comment below or reach out if you’d like to receive some recorded affirmations on specific topics!

Take This Practice To Another Level:

If you really want to bathe in powerful words like these directly upon rising (or just before going to sleep at night), open up the video below on your phone or laptop and keep it at arm’s reach from bed. So that when you wake up in the morning, you can pop your headphones on (if you wish) and play the recored affirmations while in bed! Your brain will be moving through the theta state and your subconscious will absorb the words deeply. Don’t worry about it if you happen to fall asleep. Your subconscious is always active and you will still benefit from listening.

Techniques To Communicate To Your Subconscious Mind

The only effective way to communicate to the subconscious is through genuine emotion. Only thoughts expressed with honest emotions make it into the subconscious mind. And only stay there if backed up with a strong emotion. Unfortunately, for most of us, negative emotions (like fear, shame, guilt, anger, resentment) tend to be stronger than positive ones. Here are some techniques to begin harnessing the power of your subconscious to make positive shifts:

  • Guardian Angel Technique:
    When a fear or negative thought pops into your mind, imagine your guardian angel coming to steer you away from this thought. For example, a thought comes to mind: “I am awful at this. I can’t do it, it’s too hard.” Or: “I hate how I look, my body is so ugly.” All these thoughts are loaded with negative emotions of low self-worth, disappointment, sadness, etc. This is when your guardian angel comes in and says to you: “You are capable of anything you put your mind to. You are powerful. You are beautiful. Your body is strong, capable of doing many great things.” You get the picture? Replace the negative thought and emotion with an empowering one sent straight to you from your very own guardian angel.
  • Delete Button Technique
    When a negative and self-deprecating thought enters your mind. Imagine in vivid detail (or actually safely perform the following) writing this thought on a piece of paper and destroying it. Ripping it up, burning it, or smashing it to pieces and throwing it away. Visualisation of this feeling and emotion exiting your mind, making its way onto paper and disappearing into the trash will communicate to your subconscious that this thought is no longer welcome.

Final words

Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts, your voice and your intention as you embark on each new day. You are in control, as long as you are aware and move with purpose.

Within you lives all the love and power you could ever envision possible. Remind yourself of this fact. Show, tell, preach if to yourself and watch as you just start to believe and live it. You got this.